Friday, March 9, 2012

CALVAIIRE - Rigorisme EP (2012)

Here is another submission I was delighted to find in my email inbox. The dudes at Throatruiner Records have already sent me a plethora of awesome shit to promote, including Bone Dance // Divider // Plebeian Grandstand and The Rodeo Idiot Engine ,which already have found their way onto this blog. These guys seem to ride under the same banners of belief as SHOM; share what is good and pump some green blood into what we enjoy. These dudes offer hard work for free in hopes  that those who like what they hear may purchase and or spread the word. 
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'CALVAIIRE is an intense and angry dark hardcore/crust band from Laval (France), with members of Birds In Row and As We Draw. Amaury Sauvé (producer/sound engineer for Birds In Row, Comity, As We Draw) recorded this first EP in one take on last January. Nothing else to offer but salutary violence.'

It's short, but it punches you in the internal auditory meatus like a motherfucker and delivers an insane amount of intensity over 9 minutes. Watch out for these Frenchmen.

 Here you will find everything you need to download or purchase the EP + shirts

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