Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fire In The Cave - Self Titled EP (2012)

My homeboy Jared over at Orlandooom and throat behind Fire In The Cave sent me an email asking if I would share this among the SHOM faithful, that's you freeloading mongrels that I have grown very fond of.

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"We'd be honored if you'd give our self-titled debut EP a gander. Any comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated."; this is when the fruits of my labor put a smile on my face: "Ha, these talented musicians would be honored if an internet scavenger such as myself listened & shared their hardwork amongst you foul creatures".
Sometimes I enjoy doing a band write-up less than I enjoy eating wool, which is why I'm thankful that included in this email was a write-up comprised of words that perfectly sum up this 16 minute beast:

'Blistering riffs become sluggish spells of hypnosis constructed in movements. Each sonic assault surrounds every sense passing through moments of suffocating heaviness that fade into psychedelic tranquility. The band is lyrically driven by themes of environmental psychology, disgust for spiritual proselytization and the inherent beauty in the tribal instinct of mankind.'

•  •  •

 I suppose I will lead by example here… offered on the bandcamp is a "pay what you can" for a 320 digital download. I put in a measly 4$, but I can assure you whatever you fork over is appreciated in a industry filled with moneyless talent. Pump some of that green blood into the belly of this machine.

Fire In The Cave

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