Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dark Forest - Land of the Evening Star (2012)

The forest that is dark, the one-man band from Alberta, where winters are frigid and forests are indeed dense and dark. If I were a one-man band entrenched in pagan/viking that bore the name Dark Forest, I would sure as fuck conceive my albums in the woods. In the woods, under the sky, in a cabin, by a campfire, while fighting off grizzly bears and dancing with forest norns. Everything you have read thus far has given you absolutely no insight into what this album sounds like.

 •  •  •

 Let me try this again. Take black metal, wrap it up in heathenism, add in atmosphere of glory juxtaposed with despair, throw in some vibrant soundscapes, all while retaining a cold and grim feel. This is no Wodensthrone, but it still is a breath of fresh air from all the dark hardcore and filthy death metal I have been drowning myself in lately.

Grab if you like: Garleben, Oakhelm, Askival

Land Of The Evening Star


  1. Your blog title is fucking brilliant.

  2. Aye, I stole it from an old samurai book I read. Unfortunately it is also a song title.