Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vaguess - Drift Brain (2013)

I'm really fucking into the production on this Vaguess album, super raw and primitive in its approach to garage punk. The drums sound primordial, the guitars drowned out under a wave of fuzzy surf riffs, and the vocals are as varied and gruff as everything else on this beauty! Expect to hear some sweet synth dudes.

Give it a chance

Monday, March 17, 2014

Culture Kids - Self Titled (2012)

Fast and catchy punk with doses of crust, surf, hardcore and a little something of its own. These San Franciscan punks haven't reinvented the wheel, but they do still hone in on a sound that is fresh and full of the snobby grit I like in my punk. Imagine a mix of Funerot, Hot Snakes, Hoax and earlier Ceremony. Nobody is really talking about these guys which is a shame, if you have the means, spread the good word.

Culture Kids S/T

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Body - I Shall Die Here (2014)

Last night I went to sleep listening to The Body's newest release 'I Shall Die Here', which is probably tantamount to watching a snuff film before going to bed. It fucks you up. It fucks your dreams up, and it ruins your sleep as well as the entire day thereafter.

I'm really digging the sounds on this new album though, which the band has said was meant to be wholly experimental. Thought it's not like The Body's catalogue isn't already entirely experimental in nature anyway. 'I Shall Die Here' is still heavy, terrifying, ominous and warped. Instead of The Assembly of Light Choir we've come to know and love throughout The Body discography, the band recruits The Haxan Cloak to contribute on 'I Shall Die Here', resulting in something more industrial, ambient and nearly cinematic in sound. I don't know why, but it fucking works man. I hope The Body and Death Grips collaborate on the next album. Friggin' rights.

Listen to this, the strongest track on the album… Yes, in my opinion.

I Shall Die Here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cape of Bats - Olcott Rites (2013)

Black metal and punk at its most raw have always dipped into qualities that are synonymous with one another; filthy productions, ramen noodle like budget recordings and a certain predilection for hating shit fiercely.

Cape of Bats have been busy these passed few years popping out short releases of relentlessly ugly black metal and punk, which they kindly give us for free or a "name your price" option. Power to them. Some of the riffs on these albums are too good, take the first song 'Stygian Depths" for example, 0:27 in is like a punkier Morbid Insulter (If you haven't yet picked up "Anti-Christ Blasphemies click the goddamn link) riff played a little slower, it's kind of charming in a B-horror movie kinda way.

Cape of Bats

Monday, March 10, 2014

Witch - Self Titled (2006)

 •  •  •

I hate earwigs man. They burrow in your ear space uninvited and lay goddamn eggs and piss and shit and fucking exist and give you ear-aches and probably send out postcards to their earwigs friends with heartwarming messages like "wish you were here" or "Greetings from inside Chris' ears" or some shit. I don't know… I've never actually had any experiences with earwigs, besides killing a lot of them throughout my life. A lot.

But, this album has been like an earwig invading my eardrums lately, and it fucking rules. I don't think it's really laying any eggs or anything, but I wouldn't even mind if it was ya know? It's really good. Crusty stoner metal with more Sabbath worship than a goddamn Sunday rolled up with psychedelic doom for good measure. Formed by the J. Mascis, guitarist of Dinosaur Jr.

Take a listen to it. If you like it and can't find a link or afford the beauty vinyl (sounds best on wax, no shit) email me and I can send it to you pal.

Doom on brothers.

- Chris

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Youth Avoiders - Self Titled (2013)

Parisian punk fucks Youth Avoiders have been rad since their demo tape released in 2010, and remain rad with their debut self-titled LP! Fast and frantic punk that is so fucking twangy and trebly you'll think you've got Parkinson's disease. Filled with righteous hooks and melodies despite the raucous song structure, though some of the wicked over-the-top vocal melodies I loved on the demo are gone but I don't give a shit as long as that guitar tone sounds as groovy as it does.

I don't post a whole lot of punk around here, but I am going to start posting more. I like punk, get over it.

I  gave a buck towards the "name your price" option on the bands bandcamp page, feel free to do whatever you feel is right or feel free to do nothing until I post a brutal space slam death metal album.

Youth Avoiders bandcamp

Monday, March 3, 2014

Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII (2014)

I don't have anything clever to say.
This album is heavier than Chris Farley's bloated corpse.
The blackness of this album is like the inside of a coffin on a moonless night.

Profound Lore though, man does Chris Bruni know hot to pick 'em. Avichi and Artificial Brain also put out albums in 2014 on Profound Lore Records (both are worth checking out), with Impetuous Ritual releasing their sophomore album "Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence". in April.

Grab this, turn it up loud and fuck your ears into early hearing loss.

IV.I.VIII (Took this link from Echoes of Demise)