Monday, February 25, 2013

Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (2009)

Straight from the goddamn curtain call Harm's Way barrage you with their intro track making you want to mosh around like a neanderthal brandishing  50 pound dumbbells. The frisson you sense is that of barbarity, a lowbrow accompanied with a don't give a fuck nature makes Reality Approaches the soundtrack to punch mammals and bang your head stupidly.

The beast as a whole is handled like seasoned juggernauts of rancorous hardcore infused with thrash. I own this on vinyl and when I'm not too busy overplaying the shit out of Led Zeppelin Untitled IV I'll throw on some Reality Approaches to bang the head to. The only relent given is the pause between flipping sides… Dishes have been victimized in the ensuing chaos, and fuck it because fuck it.

Reality Approaches (Mediafire)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity (2013)

God fucking damn shit mother of fuck. Defeated Sanity once again have man-handled their way into everyone's ear holes, sodomizing your ear canals with their pulverizing brutallus death metal! The technical accuracy of a wizard surgeon from the future, heavier than the weight of a dead son, filthier than your grandmothers bathtub and more devastating than child rape appears Passages Into Deformity.

It walks that fine edge of disgusting slop and musical mastery, beating you senseless, taking your lunch money and buying a pack of menthol's and 40oz of Olde English to wash it down. Wormed, fellow label mates are going to be a contender with Exodromos out in March, and if their EP Quasineutrality is anything to go by prepare to be slammed into cosmic oblivion.

I want to keep my blog so I won't be posting a download link… Though those Pirate Bay dudes are scummy enough to, I think, probably.


Monday, February 18, 2013

NAILS - Abandon All Life (2013)

Fucking NAILS man… I'd say they nailed it, but that's a pun too bold for me. Abandon All Life does succeed in pummeling you senseless for the better part of 17 minutes though, and this time expect a more well-rounded cohesive sound while delving further into chunky doom elements. Many will sing their high praises from mountaintops this year, splooging an uncanny amount of love for Abandon All Life, most likely penning them in their top 5 for 2013 already.

It's good, really fucking good, but it's so simple in its attack plan; A torrential downpour of fast and furious vitriolic hardcore. If I'm going to stand on any mountaintops and shout my appraisal, it had better contain more breadth and I'd better be on fucking top of Patagonia.

Kurt Ballou's trademark sound is all over this beast, it sounds nice and crunchy, but will we ever tire of this sound? Maybe, maybe not. Howbeit, I'm sure Abandon All Life will receive my attention when I'm looking to punch shit.

Abandon All Hope Life (Zippyshare) LINK REMOVED due to complaint

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creative Adult - Dead Air 7" (2012)

Infectious hardcore that dredges up the good ol' days when you would go out and skate a week straight without showering, eating nothing but beef jerky, Munchos chips, pizza and big gulps. Alas, now we're adults (the bulk of us) and the no showering and skating is limited to maybe only 3 or 4 days… You never did this? Your life is probably boring you dummy idiot.

Some of us are even Creative Adults, others may be suits (sorry), and some of you may be the type that sit at home eating Cheerios out of a salad bowl whilst higher than giraffe pussy. Hey man, I won't judge, just grab this greasy album and listen to it. Gravelly vocals from Scott Phillips of Life Long Tragedy, a whole lot of guitar twang aligned with drumming devoid of staleness. It's catchier than syphilis, more potent than walrus snatch and surely more important than whatever the fuck it is you are doing right now. Let thy hand bang and say hell the fuck oh to the Bay area!

PS // sorry for the hate


go fuck yourself.

Creative Adult // Dead Air (Zippyshare)

Friday, February 8, 2013

War Wolf - Riding With Demons (2013)

Just enough piss in your morning coffee, throw this shit on, fuck up your day. 13 minutes of feral and slimy hardcore. Shit in your cereal.

Riding With Demons (zippyshare)