Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bone Dance // Divider // Plebeian Grandstand - Three-way Split (2011)

This was emailed to me directly by the label/promoter of Throatruiner Records and asked to put on this blog. Of course, I will only willingly do this if I myself stand fully behind what I am hearing. Severed Heads Open Minds will never be used as a selfless plug for labels or promoters, but I do intend to get music that I support and enjoy out there to you internet scavengers. In hopes you folks will enjoy and support it. It all goes around. (That's the second time I felt the need to reiterate that)

Now, about the music. I lied, first I am going to talk about that album cover. Holy fuck, I like it. My elitist graphic design self wholeheartedly approves. (bravo)

Now about the music, for real this time. In it's entirety, I enjoy every song on this split and I can sit hear yammering away about why...but let's face it, you're already tired of reading a wall of text and you are now just looking for some brutal shit to shove in your ear holes.

(@Throatruiner Records, I love hard copy's. Feel free to drop me Demo's, splits, LP's EP's and whatever the fuck else rad you have! I'll gladly give my anthrax please...unless it's the band)

Grab if you Like: Cursed, Gaza, KEN Mode

Sp lit (Mediafire)

Bandcamp (Further descriptions+ info on this page)

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