Friday, March 16, 2012

Noia - Necessary Extinction (2010)

Noia is fucking it man! Blackened metal-punk from Italy doing things right. Loads of thrashy riffs, blackened punky beats, crossover sections, buried under a very old-school crusty vibe. Basically, I hear many things going on here, a cornucopia of influences all gathered and harnessed to lay out a primal and pulverizing sounding record.

•  •  •

Some dicksmith on the Metal Archives gave this album a 70% saying "…nor am I a big fan of thrash metal, so this is basically doomed to fail." Way to go man, a review and grading that reflects your personal taste rather than the quality of music, if you don't like the genre, don't fucking touch a review on it skewing the result… now I'm going to have to submit a review for Metal Archives giving it 100% to make up for that fucker. (At least he seemed to vaguely know what he was talking about.)

At times it's very late Darkthrone worship, add in the speed of Nuclear Assault and the crustiness of Funerot. Midnight's Satanic Royalty seems to clearly draw inspiration from these dudes as well, with more of a black n' roll vibe than a metalpunk vibe though, listen to the song "Rot In Hell" and "Rip this Hell" back to back.

Grab if you like: Midnight, Darkthrone, Cruel Force



  1. Rot In Hell sounds good, I've to check out the entire thing

  2. This is great. I like how Nuclear Assault comes to play in the review. Not only are some riffs reminiscent of early NA, but also how you can hear the strings hit the pick-up just like they did on The Plague and Game Over.

  3. I have never actually heard The Plague EP, I should though. The bass drum tracking on Survive irked me, it almost sounded like a entirely separate entity from the drums.

    I now have to write up a submission review for "Necessary Extinction" though, that rating is bogus.