Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elizabeth - Where Vultures Land EP (2012)


I have been meaning to post up this EP for a long while now by Switzerland's Elizabeth, but an email from Matthias Jungbluth of Throatruiner Records has forcefully made sure this EP see's the light of day. He told me he would sic the girl on the cover of Where Vultures Land after me if I disobeyed… which I'm not too sure I would mind, sans assault rifle. I'm more interested in album covers than I perhaps should be, so take it from me when I say that this cover romps, perfectly serving as the visual descriptive of what's to come.

What is to come exactly? 20 minutes of unrelenting hardcore with an un-bounding energy and knack to groove. Javier's rusty and jagged vocals are a familiar sound being the throat behind one of my favorite metalcore bands ever, Nostromo. These guys want you to have it free, take it gladly, give back when can.

Throatruiner Records really has their shit together, tune in.

Grab if you like: Rise And Fall, Throats, All Pigs Must Die
(Matthias, one of those white Elizabeth shirts in a size medium waiting in my mailbox would make us good pals. I'm just kidding… no I'm not.)  ;)


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