Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bleach Birth - Hatching Inside The Womb (2018)

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Bleach Birth have released their second full-length and it's some incredibly feral and filthy punk rife with feedback, grime, and scummy snotty vocal delivery… Think a mix of The Daily Void, Soupcans, Helta Skelta and The Functional Blackouts with flourishes of forward thinking song structures that push passed inebriated simplicity. I'm very much into everything about this… and this has me thinking, when are Strange Attractor going to finally release another LP? Frig. Fans of the aforementioned will find joy here, and if not, your ears are not working correctly.

Bleach Birth - Hatching Inside The Womb (bandcamp)

Monday, August 27, 2018

MARE - Ebony Tower (2018)

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Trondheim, Norway is a cold, desolate and unrelenting place in the winter season, I have been there in the early onset of winter and in my brief time spent, I was left bereft and frigid to the bone. MARE come from Trondheim, Norway, so you'd be a dummy ignoramus to expect anything other than icy black metal; icicle tremolo picking layered over a galloping drum force while some forest druid recites incantations atop some mountain through chants and shrieks of desperation and pity. The Bandcamp page has further details on the enigma;

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Forged in the early 2000's, MARE has become quite the mysterious gem for underground fanatics across the globe. Rarely playing live and with hard to get releases, the band has become, for many, one of the few 'real' Black Metal bands out there left in todays oversaturated scene. To many they have seemed to do so on purpose, but for us working closely with the band it is simply in their nature not to bother. They make music for themselves, they do this for themselves, and rest assured MARE will genuinely keep going down their own path never caring about hypes, fashion, trends or fame. They arrogantly named their own music 'Nidrosian Black Sorcerous Art' which defines who they are, on stage and off stage. 
This isn't a show, this isn't a gimmick. 
This is real Black Metal how it always was meant to be. 

Ebony Tower (bandcamp)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Whiplash - Power And Pain (1986)

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Here's an album from the crypt of thrash and early crossover, Power And Pain from New Joisey. This is quintessential crossover from the mid 80's and there isn't a goddamn speck of misstep to speak of, the process and execution are equally simple; Fast, loud and hard as nails. Whiplash, bud.

Whiplash - Power And Pain (download Zippyshare)