Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grave Dig: A Blog For You All.

 (I decided to go ahead and make my own banner, since the blog is without one.)

I have real-life friends, and I have internet-friends. Sometimes these two will coincide, and on occasion they are even imaginary…right Steve? Moving on, this particular pal of mine is an internet one, his name is Mark. We met when he decided to email me telling me how incredible my blog is and how great of a person I am, basically I thought Mark was coming on to me.
Hyperbole is running rampant throughout this post, so only a fraction of what I just told you is accurate. This post really is about the blog he runs.

•  •  •

Mark runs a blog that goes by the name of Grave Dig, and despite his questionable approach to the colour of 'puke green' his blog is spot on. Two reasons why I share this among the SHOM faithful (this is a new thing I have been throwing around lately, I'm not sure why.);

• Reason 1: Scour that fucker, it's concise, it's thorough, and the content is damn good. He has even interviewed guitarist G. Colson of the blackened sludge band Rituals, whom I have been digging deep into lately.

• Reason 2: It appears as though Mark is a hardworking internet metal nerd. More eyes need to be guided to the page. Give him a follow, bookmark, comment, hello, etc. Tell him I sent you, and you demand your free ham sandwich!

I look forward to stealing content off of him shortly.


  1. Always on the lookout for new blogs. Bookmarking now. Dammit, it's been a while since I've suggested any good albums to you, hasn't it? Well, how about Ophis - Stream of Misery? Sorry I haven't been around much, been trying to earn a criminal justice degree online (you know I'm basically fused to my laptop anyway) but I've pretty much done with everything this semester (hell yeah, I love when the open up the entire course so ya can work ahead, I've no social life, no friends anyhow). ANYWHO, I'll try and stop by at least every few days and leave you some suggestions. Cheers!

    1. I definitely need to give Ophis a listen, I have heard good things. Will do.

      Always a pleasure you goofy bastard!