Monday, July 18, 2016

Sun Worship - Pale Dawn (2016)

Dearest Droogies,

Ever since Lars sent me a very righteous picture disc vinyl of the Surpass Eclipse EP in the mail I knew my allegiance would forever align with whatever these dudes put out, even if it was bad… especially if it was bad. Sun Worship have never been bad and they never will be bad, which means Pale Dawn is good. This is simple mathematics.

A departure from their ambient tinged black metal of yore and more thee straight to the throat blistering black metal rife with galloping drum fills, strong like ox and fast like cobra riffing and distant vocal shrills that split the hairs on your shoulders.

Sun Worship, thank you.

with admiration and respect, your friend

Chieftain and High Warlord of Severed Heads Open Minds, Chris D'Alessandro

Sun Worship - Pale Dawn (bandcamp)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cape of Bats - For The Ruin of Souls EP (2016)

It sounds filthy, like fecal matter splashing around in the piss broth of a pigeon stoop. It's not good but it is quick and sleazy… like a one-night stand with your friends grandmother.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Muck - Full Performance on KEXP at AIrwaves 2013 (video)

We've all been hearing about Iceland's most recent success story of how a viking nation with a drinking problem gave the Euro cup and every soccer nation a new chant/salute to steal.

But let's not forget about Muck, everything these youngsters do is good and we should be paying attention.

Monday, July 11, 2016

No Sir - The Future Is Bright (2013)

No Sir is the bastard child of a few punk/hardcore bands making noise out of the California bay area, most notably Sabertooth Zombie which I said in a post back in 2011 "they are the musical equivalent to beef jerky purchased at a late night gas station in Milwaukee." and sure I'll stand by that.

What matters most here is that The Future Is Bright is a hard-hitting cut of hardcore with a punk upbringing and twinges of thrash in there with every element in place.

Support the lower echelon slugs, the album is 'name your price' so put in a few bucks or $0 for a free download if you're ramen broke. Get into it!

The Future Is Bright on Bandcamp (name your price)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Nachos - Apology (2016)

I am not a very consistent man. I am noble in thought, weak in action. Thankfully, Weekend Nachos are consistent. You can always rely on them to shit directly into the chasm of your ill-tempered soul, sub-human. Death to all your whimsy and flip-flops. I fucking hate flip-flops… I mean, you have no human versatility in those fucking things, you can only stand there with a sloppy grin on your face as a cool breeze passes over those crusty fucking toes. I am going to start a steal-toe gang; Our sole mission will be to stomp on your shitty feet.

I digress, that little diatribe was genuine. It was genuine because I am listening to Weekend Nachos Apology at uncomfortably loud volumes. I'm not even having fun, but I am enjoying myself. Know what I mean?

Unfortunately these dudes from Chicago are splitting the sheets, calling it quits, divorcing, moving on to bigger and heavier things, separating, breaking up. It's done, so enjoy this last album and go to their last shows. Bring your flip-flops.

Weekend Nachos Apology

Friday, March 25, 2016

Cobalt - Slow Forever (2016

I had no idea that Cobalt was in the midst of releasing a new album, all I knew was that I have been listening to a lot of Cobalt's Gin lately, which means nothing. Listen to Gin in its entirety and then listen to Slow Forever. Appreciate the differences, mourn the absence of Phil McSorley, celebrate the substitution of Charlie Fell and revel in Erik Wunder's talent for pushing a tired out genre into a type of creative stupor.

Slow Forever

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bismuth - Unavailing (2015)

I'm still running around the virtual astral planes of the internet like a fucking asshole, chasing down releases from 2015 that weren't caught in my field of vision during my tenure as a certified specter of the current music world. I was either too busy reading rather than writing or too busy amassing old punk and rock albums rather than peeking my head into the sewers of underground metal. It was pure fucking tunnel vision man, and this place was Armageddon.

With that being said, here's another release from Dry Cough Records that flew under my radar, or sonar, or bonar… boner. Bismuth is incredibly dense sludge and doom with tinges of hardcore and bouts of hypnotic drone. Within these four bulky tracks songs sink and swell between moments of gnashing doom - the type of doom with its roots fertilized in a sludgy soil, rife with fuzz and drenched in reverb, gain and undiluted ire - smothered in the will to go patiently slow and devastatingly heavy, which leaves me waiting for the froth and foam to finally brim over into the megaton swell of constant energy, a wall of sound that pummels and submits my ear-drums to its ferocity… This does happen, albeit only partially on the last track, leaving the listener to his or her thoughts rather abruptly. This isn't a shortfall however, slow like the sloth and powerful and heavy like the hippo, we have enough bands out there doing the rest.

Follow up on Dry Cough Records here.
Follow up on Bismuth's Bandcamp here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Garotting Deep / Fōr - Void Asceticism [Split] (2015)

Here's another Split birthed from different parts of the worlds primordial ooze with equal parts of enmity and mysticism, Canada's Garotting Deep and Sweden's Fōr. The sonic windows are draped in freshly flayed elk hide while balsam fir incense burns inside the wolf skull and ancient entity's share in jubilee a toast beyond mans comprehension.

This album sounds nothing like the above sentence. I don't feel like using words for this one, it's overwhelming and I'm heading to the seedy bliss of Toronto's Parkdale to see if the used record store still has Gorilla Biscuits Start Today on plastic.