Monday, July 15, 2019

Combust - The Void (2019)

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Very good tough guy New York hardcore. Heavyweight riffs and a kick drum that sounds like a 44 caliber round hitting a church bell all while neanderthal vocal incantations call the majority out for being kitten soft sheep. This is an easy listen if you're in the mood for a stomp or dumbbells are around.

Combust - The Void (bandcamp)

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Krypts - Cadaver Circulation (2019)

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Krypts has been consistently releasing good records since their inception in mid 2000, but the latest, Cadaver Circulation might be them at their best, full stride death metal married with the plodding gait of doom, giving their songs a more thought-out heaviness over the atypical smash and grab heaviness that is standard fare for typical death metal. There's nothing typical about Krypts and no real missteps to take note of on Cadaver Circulation, and there's definitely nothing subjective about how good this is, if you don't like it for whatever reason, just know that you're wrong and your life is probably boring and you might be a dummy idiot. Finland remains relevant.

Krypts - Cadaver Circulation (bandcamp)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Contaminated / Kutabare Split (2019)

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I've been listening to Contaminated's debut album Final Man more than anything else in the last couple months, and though its release was in 2017 I can't find any reason that I missed it when it came out. I'm remiss. Everything within the wall of cavernous death metal is right where I want it, layers of begrimed tones stacked over a guttural churn that is often a troglodytic bellow cutting through super crunchy guitar tones, bloated and fetid while the drumming ranges from plodding dirges to a mirky standard death metal grooves with cymbals that somehow manage to sound really good cutting through the blanket of mire conjured on this begrimed beast from down under. Up there with my favourite death metal albums right now.

•  Ω  •

Contaminated have also released a one-song split with Kutabare this year worth mentioning, even though it's only mere minutes both songs are worth a listen as they both managed to pack unequivocal ferocity into each track, respectively. I'm in.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Vulture - Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves (2019)

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If you're familiar with Vulture's denim dad past you'll know that they are the musical equivalent to microwaveable burritos, The Creep Show and stud laden leather vests all moving at the blurring speed of Satan. This amalgamation of heavy/speed metal with minces of old school thrash and hardcore are right up my alley, especially when it's executed with such Bavarian zeal as Vulture. I wish I went to house parties where the walls dripped sweat of cheap lager, the carpets stunk of cigarettes and Vulture's filth and sleaze was blasting through haggard speakers, and you should too.

Vulture - Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves (bandcamp)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Funereal Presence - Achatius (2019)

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A magnificently articulated sophomore album from the dude behind the skin kit in Negative Plan, aptly self-monikered Bestial Devotion, and he hit the hammer on the fucking nail one-hundred times over, in a musical pool that most don't wade in without drowning in their own shit. Achatius is going to stand out as one of those albums that should blow everyone away but probably won't because it won't reach most people, and I'm oddly at peace with that as a result.

Funereal Presence has managed to nail down a marriage between a myriad of genres; black, speed, heavy, occult, death, avant-garde, etc without coming off as contrived slop, which is often times the case when something tries to be too many things at once – Especially within the elitist walls of black metal – It's a fools errand to try and pigeon-hole this, so don't even try, or you'd sure as shit isn't always solid sound like a dick.

•  Ω  •

There's nothing on Achatius I can find fault in, the production is spot on, which is big time important for something of this nature; the drums sound primitive, the guitar tones sound like the gurgling digestive tract of a primordial beast within cathedral walls and the vocals necrotic and have that old-school mix to them. The songs are monolithic both in length and experimentation, cruising through each obscurity with the speed of satan at its back, and not for one fucking second is it dull or tiresome, and those willing to wade through each fetid nuance will be rewarded with one of 2019's most successfully ambitious releases so far, absolutely keeping the underground lit with this blast from the past!

Funereal Presence - Achatius (bandcamp)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Inculter - Fatal Visions (2019)

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There's a lot to like about Inculter's 'Fatal Visions', predominantly among them being, it rips hell. No questions asked. Bridging the gap between thrash, speed, black metal and metal punk. Stop asking questions and just get behind this already or forever be a whore. So get into it.

Inculter - Fatal Visions (bandcamp)

Friday, June 14, 2019

Obscuring Veil - Fleshvoid to Naught (2019)

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This album has me floored currently. A monolithic slab of avant-garde black metal with a personality crisis and a gargantuan amount of enigma wafting around itself. Obscuring Veil is wholly comprised of venerable musicians from around Europe all cut from varying fabrics of musical cloth, and the musicianship is starkly reflected on each harrowingly twisting track. Obscuring Veil combined is the minds of Wormlust, Death Fetichist, Gnaw Their Tongues, Nattsol, Ævangelist, Ljáin, Craft, Chaos Moon, etc. etc. There is notably some accounting for taste to be made, and yet something created that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

I can throw a bunch of adjectives your way, but I'll distill it all down to this, Fleshvoid to Naught is suffocatingly abrasive, tragically heavy, magnificently eerie, devastatingly hard to digest and devoid of all commonality. I'm all in.

Obscuring Veil - Fleshvoid to Naught (bandcamp)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fuming Mouth - The Grand Descent (2019)

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Fuming Mouth comes in swinging haymakers on their debut, The Grand Descent, and for the most part, most strikes are a critical blow in the arena of metal/crust/doom/hardcore. This is a sound you have heard before, a formula followed by many already with wistful flourishes of their own style - some much bolder than others - Fuming Mouth have landed somewhere in the middle, if not slightly on the more original side of things with The Grand Descent, and I appreciate the fervour in which this characteristic seeps through. This isn't heavy the same way Thou or Floor is heavy, it's heavy in its aggression and cadence. Think of Nails, Black Breath, Hooded Menace, Gatecreeper, etc.

Fuming Mouth - The Grand Descent (bandcamp)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Heresiarch - Incursions (2019)

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Heresiarch, man, pure filth. New Zealand's Heresiarch sticks its hand back in the pot of fetid death metal, and I care again, after what felt like a long pause between Death Metal that maintains my interest. It would be a be a bit preemptive of me to say that this is the best Heresiarch have sounded, but this is the best Heresiarch have sounded. Calloused riffs gestating in a cesspit of war-tuned drums and an antediluvian vocal belch that does nothing to diminish its ferocity. I'm still in the getting to know you phase of this album, but I have no doubts this one will garner plenty of spins.

•  Ω  •

And then Jesus said "Let thee who doubt my turbulence wake up to moths devouring their only garb, let their words of blasphemy turn into dust in their mouths, let sustenance do nothing to satiate,  and please let night remain night until they beg for the sun to forgive them."

It's up for 1 Euro on bandcamp, so roll up your nickels and pay up.

Heresiarch - Incursions (bandcamp)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

One Step Closer - From Me To You (2019)

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Evidently this month has turned up hardcore here on SHOM, and that's very much okay from my perspective and if you don't like it start your own music blog dinker. I bought a new Rega Planar turntable yesterday and I'm all diamond hard about it as I currently have my CPC Gangbangs record locked and loaded on it sounding like the perfect example of punk being more rock n' roll than 99% of rock n' roll.

But this post is about One Step Closer not CPC Gangbangs, and this short but emotionally charged album (EP?) of hardcore affected by the heart strings will do the trick if you're into listening to something that plays out like Have Heart, Bane, Verse and hues of Shai Hulud with a heart on the sleeve approach. Brings me back to my salad days.

One Step Closer - From Me To You (bandcamp)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moloch - Love Songs (2019)

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Moloch and Severed Heads Open Minds have a long and consistent history throughout the inception of this blog, in all of its gestation periods, I have posted up Moloch albums on here a few times since 2012 and even interviewed a few of the members a long while back. For some reason I'm always reminded of Meth Drinker, and I'm not too sure why the two bands are always in the same conversation with me, but it's likely to do with the absolute immensity each of their songs have while retaining this crust of pure filth draped over each song; Completely fetid and bloated sludge, no strings, no gimmicks, no frills and certainly no regard for your well being.

With that being said, here's a measly two-track EP from Moloch for you to suck on, until there is more.

Moloch - Love Songs (bandcamp)

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Deflect - Mass Delusion (2019)

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Found these Deflect a couple years back when they released the EP Downward Spiral and wasn't entirely sold upon first spin, I remember that much… something about the vocal cadence and delivery was off-putting, which is funny, because it's exactly those things that I like most about Deflect now. First Impressions are wolves in sheep clothing and should be questioned rigorously before entering the gates to poison your well. The vocal cadence and off-kilter howl is the refreshing take against the backdrop of Deflect (much like Unified Right), which plays a blend of hardcore, pulling stylistically from 80's thrash and punk with a sound and approach that still lends itself to sounding unique and interesting in a musical arena where the walls have been battered and pounded by copycats.

Deflect - Mass Delusion (bandcamp)