Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mahr - Antelux (2018)

Fallen Empire has been about as consistent as I can hope for any underground record label, and consistently good, at that. And Antelux is no exception; Raw and unrefined black metal with its feet planted in the ever popular cosmic affiliate. Woven throughout its meaty tracks is a whirr of atmospheric drone which add a good base coat to the barrage of grating vocals, everything unwelcoming and cold.

•  †  •

I'm really impressed. And I'm smiling like a schoolgirl with no homework because this beast is something entirely fresh. Not reinventing the black metal wheel or anything, but its nuances give light to new ideas and fresh takes on a genre thats become too serious and stale for too long. The bulk of its sound is bleak and primitive but there's often flashes of something not entirely fatalistic, coming in the shape of sharp and archaic sounding ambient passages, resembling the war horns of some inhuman battle. Even in it's more plodding and unrhythmic sections Antelux does well to stay on track and remain engaging, with a desperate tone that almost hypnotizes and wears you down, until it doesn't anymore.

And as always, this beauty is a 'name your price' option on the band camp page and for the price of a coffee, hell, half the price of an Americano you can contribute a modicum to fighting the good fight.

Antelux (bandcamp)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Of Feather And Bone - Bestial Hymns of Perversion (2018)

I must be on my way to becoming a completely simpleton. I haven't been moved one way or the other by any of the new releases that have been coming out… I am sure it has more than a little to do with the fact that I have been a little preoccupied from the endless ether of music beyond listening to it at every corner I turn, but in terms of "keeping up" with the music head Joneses I have been a slack.

•  †  •

Of course a record smeared in bestial death metal would have my attention though, my Troglodytic brain is placated by the simplicity of its approach; gurgling vocal belch accompanied by whirring buzzsaw guitars followed by the funeral marching band behind them. I like it, it's good.

No walls are being torn down here to be built anew with fresh ideas, not like Canada's Antediluvian did so well on 'Through The Cervix of Hawaah' or Finland's Swallowed on 'Lunaterial', both of which were debut releases and definitely among the best albums out in their respected years. They are still miles ahead of any sister sound. It was fresh and it was absolutely saturated to the marrow in malignity.

Mind you, I have only heard two tracks from 'Bestial Hymns of Perversion' so maybe when I can digest it as a whole it will punch me in the gut differently, either way it will satiate your need for bestial death metal.

Bestial Hymns of Perversion (bandcamp)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Encoffination / Sempiternal Dusk (2017) [split]

III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)
was one of the best death metal albums to come out in 2014, and if you don't agree with that statement, you're opinion is wrong. So besides overplaying the shit out of Hear Me, O' Death I have been patiently waiting for Encoffination to release another full-length for me to ruin my ear drums to - I think they might be on their last legs from all the over zealous punishment - Sorry, what? Just kidding, I can hear you, loud and clear yuh dink.

•  †  •

It ain't a full length, but it'll do, a 15-minute track on a split with Sempiternal Dusk and though my thirst for putrid rotting death metal has not been fully satiated, this will suffice. Encoffination continues to show their particular penchant for writing songs so heavy, everything almost sounds as if it's crumbling beneath its weight. Sempiternal Dusk are no slouch on this split though, matching Encoffination's ferocity with a different sort of tact. One that is bolstered with cutting tempo changes through way of the riff, swirling and fetid. Get into it!

Encoffination // Sempiternal Dusk (Bandcamp)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Verheerer - Maltrér (2018)

•  †  •

Black metal played in a less than puritan fashion; recorded with real microphones and in a recording studio. Also there are a swath of catchy hooks and a myriad of tempo changes that purists should scoff at in contempt. And, it's blood is not real Norwegian blood! Instead the veins of this band are filled with something other than Scandinavian dynasty. German to be exact. I really wish Lunar Aurora was still a band.

•  ¥  •

I've only listened through a couple songs from Maltrér, and I haven't necessarily been moved one way or another, which lends me to think I might not become gripped, but since it's being released on Vendetta, whom I respect (especially the earlier catalog), I'll give it a mention.

Maltrér (bandcamp)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gnaw Bone - Scorched Earth (2018)

•  †  •

For the uninitiated, Gnaw Bone released Scorched Earth a few days ago. Your grandmother would describe this as "interesting…"

Scorched Earth (bandcamp)

Ilsa - Corpse Fortress (2018)

•  †  •

is the real deal; A woven cloth weaved of death and doom metal smeared and caked in thick layers of crust and sludge. Intoxicantations is still a regular spin for me, since 2012. There is a particular omen that surrounds Ilsa's entire sonic scope, a looming figure devoid of form, an atmosphere fit for an occult meeting in the neck of the Catacombs serpentine, of junkies and sewer life, rat poison and vices, sticking of death and decay underneath the floorboards. 

Ilsa is set to release their fourth album, Corpse Fortress on March 02, 2018 on Relapse Records... Relapse records, that's a weird one for me, when did that label start releasing good albums? Apparently they have been for a few years. Consume.

Corpse Fortress (bandcamp)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dreadful Relic - Hyborian Sorcery (2018)

•  †  •

Get filthy you mucktards and light the candles in thirteen, create the pentagram in goats semen and wait for Hyborian Sorcery which is set for release mid February. Black Magycka.

Hyborian Sorcery (bandcamp)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Knelt Rote - Alterity (2018)

•  †  •

Fuck me on the fucking dick, Knelt Rote are putting out an album in late February! The news is as good as it is surprising because it's been a solid six years since they have released anything, and they are still listed as split-up. Whatever, none of that's important now.

Knelt Rote are sonic ferocity, distilled in vitriol with a penchant for grimy death metal and grind. Only one short song to listen to, but patience is a virtue, bud.

Alterity (bandcamp)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Portal - ION (2018)

•  †  •

The Portal has opened, step in and lose your sense of self and purpose, become exposed to the elements, and worship butter encrusted gods that speak in tongues and fornicate perpetually.

Portal was once underground death metal savagery in raw, convoluted form. Portal are still that, minus the underground component. You know Portal. Maybe even your grandma knows Portal. These Australian brutes return in 2018 with more of the same; Suffocating atmosphere swirling and closing in on itself as "The Curator" wheezes and coughs up phlegm and bile. Invoke Satan.

ION (bandcamp)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Succumb - Succumb (2017)

•  †  •

Succumb's self-titled debut is as predictable and frantic as a schizophrenic wolverine fucked up on rabies, it's musical backbone mostly comprised of whirring grind with fragments of death, black, crust, d-beat and all else unsophisticated and crude. I'm taken to the vocals, I'm not sure it's anything I've heard before, so there is that unique grab to it, mostly sounding like someone howling desperately for help from the bottom of a well.

Succumb (bandcamp)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ricky Hamilton & The Voidboys - Hell is Real (2017)

•    •

Ricky Hamilton & The Voidboys bring you slime punk drenched in fuzz and psych and other sonic oddities, with an acute hypnotic affectation and penchant for droning out in a state of inspired nonchalance with Ricky's vocal drippings that range from lugubrious and pasty to drowned out and poppy. Maybe if The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Joy Division melded sounds and mixed it with the psyched out nostalgia and glam passages of Crystal Stilts and played them faster and shorter you would get something quasi-similar to Hell is Real. Or not at all.

Hell is Real (bandcamp)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Unearthly Trance - Stalking The Ghost (2017)

•  †  •

Stalking The Ghost
is an obstinate example of doom and sludge happily married at the core of its husk, but interspersed throughout its chest breathes an amalgamation of surrounding minutia to make up its entirety, which is just a nonsensical way of saying it's layered and boasts breadth and originality, all of which are qualities I look for when choosing the right head of lettuce when I'm making a salad. 

•  ¥  •

Besides clicking the play button and forming your own opinion, I'll say this; Unearthly Trance have hit the nail on the hammer with this one, conjuring sequoia sized riffs with a whiff of THC emanating from each note, pummelling drums suitable for both a battlefield and a funeral dirge, and a varied vocal deluge that could curl the toes on a paraplegic cadaver. Heavy in full sway of the word, my brothers and sisters.

Stalking The Ghost (bandcamp)