Thursday, January 31, 2013

Martyrdöd - Paranoia (2012)

What the fuck man, are you wide-eyed and taken aback at the site of this 2012 gem being posted so late? You should be, this release encapsulates everything SHOM is about. Gnarly as shit, grittier than a 4th grade bully with a "Life Sucks" tattoo, more raw than a chainsaw and crustier than the built up smegma of a church bishop.

Blackened crust from Sweden. You're either in or you're out.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oxtongue - Where The Light Is Mute (2013)

(artwork; Førtifem)

Oxtongue, a young 3-piece band from my hometown that has piqued my interest and full attention since guitarist and friend of mine sent me some sample tracks a while back, but the songs were rather hollowed out skeletons of what was to become a colossal bone-yard…

… Where The Light Is Mute is a chasmal and malodorous display of doom calcified in so much decay it almost crumbles beneath itself… But it fucking doesn't, because the inner foundation is hardened and burly. With a tempo that shares the same consistency as molasses, it trudges along unhurriedly like someone forced to dig their own grave, and their family's too. Each scoop of earth slowly swallowing away life, each passing chord giving way to anguished howls, each floor tom strike signaling the inevitably bleak end.

The lengthy tracks give room to become stale, yet neither of them do, exploring intriguing nuances such as the ethereal monk like chants in the songs Humanity: Born In The Way Of Eternal Grief, and Anguish: Abide With Suffering along with some chunky fucking hooks. The buildup in the intro track is something to behold actually, a sluggishly paced section that develops the tension adequately over the span of 5 minutes until a tidal-wave of fuzzy guitars and searching screams pierce through the droney veil. All while shitting all over your whimsy, chump.

These dudes are young man, like fucking young enough to be your children, or the children of your children, probably. This is of course hyperbole, but still young, floating around the ages of 19-21. Howbeit with the sound they conjure up you would think they were ancient bearded shamans reciting age-old funeral marches.

I'd be really interested to hear what you guys (the readers) think of this, if you download it (which you should), let's exercise the right to not be a self-righteous cunt and throw our opinions around. I already have, your turn. Don't pussyfoot, don't beat around the proverbial bushes, give these dudes some feedback.

Download WTLIM (Mediafire)