Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunar Aurora - Findling

Here's the thing, I have been listening to a lot of Lunar Aurora's latest release Hoagascht, and as good as it is, in the short time I have had with this eerie offering of ambient black metal it has caused me to have to go back and listen to Andacht. More in particular the song "findling".

Why? Because this song, in my opinion (the only one that matters) is one of the greatest examples of ambient black metal we have. Comprised with one of the eeriest sounding choruses I have ever heard, interludes of boys being slashed by dull axes, loops of ambient decadence, and overall a grim sound that is fucking beautiful. Listen to it, often.

PS: I jog to this song, there is nothing better.

PPS: Fuck you.


  1. No, fuck you.

    Cool song, but how do you run to this? Very quickly?

    1. haha yes, like a cheetah. I don't have to run to the beat of a song like those other yuppies.

  2. lol @ jogging
    nothing better than jogging with black metal!