Sunday, March 25, 2012

Capture The Sun - Capture The Sun (2012)

Capture The Sun have blind-sided me with their debut self titled release. It went something like this; Saw the link, downloaded it, enjoyed it. The End.

Take the structure of Khuda, the progression of Between The Buried And Me, odd time signatures of The Dillinger Escape Plan, mix it with the spastic nature of Khann, throw in Cloudkicker like breakdowns, add in spacey interludes reminiscent to Irepress, with the warm qualities of Explosions In The Sky and tonal qualities of Animals As Leaders. A recipe for kick-assery if executed properly. Capture The Sun has stuck their fucking landing, and how.

•  •  •

The bandcamp has the album up for a "name your price" digital download. Simon Says; download it free, if you dig what you hear, go back to the bandcamp page and toss these dudes a couple bucks, it all adds up.

 Grab if you like: Khuda, Animals As Leaders, Cloudkicker

(This post is riddled with download links, take advantage, click away! Report dead links in comments please.)



  1. Thats a lot of name dropping...

  2. One might even say, too many.

    I say nay.

  3. lol I'm actually kind of impressed with how spot on the other bands references were. I raised a brow at the DEP mention, and later agreed