Friday, January 19, 2018

Verheerer - Maltrér (2018)

•  †  •

Black metal played in a less than puritan fashion; recorded with real microphones and in a recording studio. Also there are a swath of catchy hooks and a myriad of tempo changes that purists should scoff at in contempt. And, it's blood is not real Norwegian blood! Instead the veins of this band are filled with something other than Scandinavian dynasty. German to be exact. I really wish Lunar Aurora was still a band.

•  ¥  •

I've only listened through a couple songs from Maltrér, and I haven't necessarily been moved one way or another, which lends me to think I might not become gripped, but since it's being released on Vendetta, whom I respect (especially the earlier catalog), I'll give it a mention.

Maltrér (bandcamp)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gnaw Bone - Scorched Earth (2018)

•  †  •

For the uninitiated, Gnaw Bone released Scorched Earth a few days ago. Your grandmother would describe this as "interesting…"

Scorched Earth (bandcamp)

Ilsa - Corpse Fortress (2018)

•  †  •

is the real deal; A woven cloth weaved of death and doom metal smeared and caked in thick layers of crust and sludge. Intoxicantations is still a regular spin for me, since 2012. There is a particular omen that surrounds Ilsa's entire sonic scope, a looming figure devoid of form, an atmosphere fit for an occult meeting in the neck of the Catacombs serpentine, of junkies and sewer life, rat poison and vices, sticking of death and decay underneath the floorboards. 

Ilsa is set to release their fourth album, Corpse Fortress on March 02, 2018 on Relapse Records... Relapse records, that's a weird one for me, when did that label start releasing good albums? Apparently they have been for a few years. Consume.

Corpse Fortress (bandcamp)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dreadful Relic - Hyborian Sorcery (2018)

•  †  •

Get filthy you mucktards and light the candles in thirteen, create the pentagram in goats semen and wait for Hyborian Sorcery which is set for release mid February. Black Magycka.

Hyborian Sorcery (bandcamp)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Knelt Rote - Alterity (2018)

•  †  •

Fuck me on the fucking dick, Knelt Rote are putting out an album in late February! The news is as good as it is surprising because it's been a solid six years since they have released anything, and they are still listed as split-up. Whatever, none of that's important now.

Knelt Rote are sonic ferocity, distilled in vitriol with a penchant for grimy death metal and grind. Only one short song to listen to, but patience is a virtue, bud.

Alterity (bandcamp)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Portal - ION (2018)

•  †  •

The Portal has opened, step in and lose your sense of self and purpose, become exposed to the elements, and worship butter encrusted gods that speak in tongues and fornicate perpetually.

Portal was once underground death metal savagery in raw, convoluted form. Portal are still that, minus the underground component. You know Portal. Maybe even your grandma knows Portal. These Australian brutes return in 2018 with more of the same; Suffocating atmosphere swirling and closing in on itself as "The Curator" wheezes and coughs up phlegm and bile. Invoke Satan.

ION (bandcamp)