Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Abyssal - Antikatastaseis (2015)

Album covers like this make me smile. Not because it's bad, because it looks like the type of picture us "eclectically inclined bloggers" would try to paint when describing the sound of an album like Antikatastaseis, busting into as many adjectives as accurately possible within our "honed" lexicon. A dank and swarthy cavern where lords of the underbelly gather to recite cryptic incantations that can only be heard and deciphered by the ears of other members of the swarthy society. Hail.

Abyssal have tightened their already rigamortis like grip on death metal, with resolute chokeholds on incorporating the plodding and hammer-fist pace of doom with the begrimed and repulsive disposition of bestial in nature death metal. Black metal too is no stranger within the foundations of Abyssal's song structure, weaving in frigid riffs and uncompromising blast-beats akin to the harsh realities of a cold and cruel winter.

Listen for yourself, and then obtain it; 

Abyssal Bandcamp

Profound Lore Records Bandcamp