Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spelljammer - Vol. II (2012)

 Stoner doom basking in voodoo sorcery and soothsaying, whatever the fuck that is. Grab a staff, read a tome, practice alchemy, climb a mountain and smoke a bowl, whatever the fuck floats your boat dude. Here, I'll let you listen to it all through the power of sorcery!

I cast level 4 lyrics of Aun's Mountain:

Servants of black skies
turn away the sacrifice
Tall waves of the sea
from his hands of sorcery

Tower of guiding light
rising through eternal night
Sing to winter sun
what we had and what we’ve done

Bloodline, last of man
rests beneath the burning sand
Shine on winter sun
A final sign, it will be done

Grab if you like: Electric Wizard, Ice Dragon, Huata

Doom on brothers!

Vol. II


  1. Never heard this band, but I'm hooked on stoner/doom lately, and with a name like that, can't be bad. Thanks!

  2. The previous album is just as epic...