Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cellador - Enter Deception (2006)

I've received a lot of hate mail lately scrutinizing the lack of neck-beard metal I have been posting on this here blog. (So far no anthrax in the mail though, thank you.) I still love neck-beard metal, though as any music lover my musical preference bounces around a lot, and the blog sometimes reflects that.

I digress, Cellador's Enter Deception is the knight clad in golden armour riding the winds on the back of a gryphon. I hold this album in high regard as it hoists the very essence of power metal in its formula. Soaring arpeggio solos and riffs, galloping drums, and vocal work and harmonies that traditionally respect the genre.

Grab if you like: Spellblast, Dreamtale, Fairyland

Enter Deception (One of the few download links left on the net, Mediafire)


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    1. ha dude, I went to a Blind Guardian concert a couple years ago, 90% neck-beards. Blind Guardian killed it though.