Thursday, August 2, 2012

Desecration - I.A.I. (Original)

Child of eight, bound and beaten, foreskin sliced, precise incision. Infantile screams bring uncontrollable arousal. With a kitchen knife I perform castration. Rampant fellatio, it's dissected meat in my mouth. 

The salty taste of bloody smegma slipping down my throat, flaccid mutilated penis. The scalpel inserted through the urethra, working the blade in and out. An infliction of pain beyond human comprehension. 

Sodomized by a broken bottle, ripping the delicate anal tissue. Paralyzed by fatal kick to the spine, repetitive punches to the face, features swollen, beyond recognition, screams reduced to a whimper, sickening repugnant acts. Infantile anal intercourse, I force myself up it's blood drenched rectum and fondle it's hairless groin. 

Gouge out the eyes, roll them over my tongue, I plunge my manhood into the shrivelled sockets. The catamites demise is near. Vegetated child, mute and beyond pain. Cannibalizing flesh. Wank over the dying infant. With iron bar I smash it's pathetic fucking skull. The youth lies white and still.

•  •  •

Eloquent words. Singer Ollie Jones is a fully-qualified practicing mortician, it's good to see he is putting his passion to good use. Dick in a baby's skull, hmmm, where have I seen this before? Oh right, Syphilic.

If I had a download link I would post one, can't find one though. If any of you find one let me know in the comments. Cheers cunts!

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