Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Severed Heads Open Minds: The Future

 Recently, the activity on this blog has greatly diminished, both by myself, the more loyal readers, and even the occasional scavengers looking for new tunes have been a shadow of what they once were. This is my fault.

Let's fix this shall we? Here's an ingredient list of what we'll need:

- Good content
- Activity (By both myself and you fucking people, talk and contribute)

•  •  •

Recently I have been getting some emails asking me why I have slowed down the blog. Simple answer is this, a reverse influx lack of free time. 

Some people have been a little dissapointed in the lack of power metal, folk metal and any other cheesy variation in-between. Sorry dudes, I suppose I mainly post the music I am currently hitting hard at that point in time. Don't worry, I still enjoy the cheesy shit as much as ever… I even listen to Turisas' "The Varangian Guard" today while grocery shopping. From now on, I'll try to focus on all the that is good whether it is grimy death metal or dragon punching power metal.

And to the bands who have emailed me letting me know of a new EP, Demo or release I have gotten them, and very much appreciate it. I'll get to all of them very soon, and be sure to post all the goodies. 

With all that being said, there will be a lot more to come. It is known.


  1. I am ashamed, I should post here more often. Up to my eyeballs in coursework, but I'll try to drop in now and again. Heard this yet?

    Also, is it cool if I start posting download links?

  2. As you should be! I haven't heard of that no, I have been digging the new Spelljammer though which will be posted here soon.

    As for submitting links, feel free to email me suggestions anytime. Also, I'd say every now and then feel free to post your own links in the comments section as long as it has a brief explanation.

    Thanks dude, stay tuned

  3. Speaking of power and cheese. The new striker is pretty awesome.