Sunday, August 12, 2012

Barlow - Vol. 1 EP (2012)

It's always exciting when I'm contacted by a band for some reason or another, and it's even better when they toss me some download links and ask me to give it a listen/hoist it on the blog, and it's even better when the shit they send you is rad!  

Barlow a four piece hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia play a blend of thrashy crust with a darkened hardcore foundation that remind me of a grittier (in sound) Everything Went Black. It has a tad of that Kurt Ballou effect glittering throughout the noisiness.

Grab if you like: Black Haven, Everything Went Black, Full of Hell 

Vol. 1 

Bandcamp (Name your price, I put a measly 2$ in for the 320)


  1. I'm liking this, I'll throw in a couple $

    1. I'm sure that would go much appreciated by the band, and me actually.