Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guidelines - S/T EP (2012)

A 4 track EP that has me enamored, I've had this album in my collection for a little while collecting dust, quietly waiting for me to pay some attention to it. Now that I know how good it is, it's safe too say I'm a fucking idiot for not jamming into it right away.

Dark brooding hardcore that teeters on haunting and beautifully melodic with its discordant chords and melodic bridges being pierced by the shrilling vocals. Heavily drenched in the screamo vibe, it bears resemblance to bands like Loma Prieta, Alpinist, Vestiges. But this is no copy cat as many unique approaches take hold on this EP, offering something entirely captivating with shear emotion.

Spanning 16 minutes, you're left battered and beaten albeit wanting more. The repeat button, use it.

Grab if you like: Alpinist, Vestiges, Loma Prieta

The EP is offered for free or 'Name your price' on the bands Bandcamp, if you can, toss a couple bucks their way, I'm sure it would be heavily appreciated.

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