Friday, August 17, 2012

Antediluvian / Adversarial split: Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries (2012)

Thanks to Orcus for letting me know I was a little behind schedule in posting this abyssal offering by Canada's forward thinking death metal bands Antediluvian and Adversarial. It's everything you would expect out of these two, so I'll forfeit the idea of using all those cute little adjectives we all like to throw around so much. It fucks.

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Taken from NWN: This split LP is much more than merely two bands each taking up a side of a record. It reflects the arduous process of uniting and focusing two distinct forces into a single syncretic expression. The bands collaborated thematically to produce a masterpiece, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts. Conceptually, the album synthesizes and contrasts the symbol of Leviathan with that of Lucifer. Side “Leviathan,” featuring the work of Adversarial, is an exploration of abyssic realms–both internal/microcosmic as well as external/macrocosmic. The serpentine coil of DNA. The world serpent consuming itself. Side “Lucifer,” performed by Antediluvian focuses upon Promethean flame. Solar illumination threaded into synaptic transmission. Charged fields. The ionic path joining that which is above to that which is below.

I'll provide the high quality download link below, but don't be a dickhead, take a look at the beautifully packaged LP with all the extras HERE, if you have the money to support, of course do so, if not, make sure you go see these dudes the next time they play near you. Enjoy the chaotic swirl.

Leviathan/Lucifer 320

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  1. Dammit, I really need to pick something up to play LPs. You're right, that bundle is pretty sweet, I'll have to wait and see if they release it on CD. Gonna throw some currency in each band's direction somehow, they deserve it, that split fucking slays.