Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whom The Moon Nightsong Sings (2010)

This here is a Neo-Folk compilation album.  with over 100 minutes of dreamy tempos and thickly textured atmosphere. The album fits perfectly with the current weather. (Snow Blizzard)

If I had a fireplace in my house, I would probably throw this shit on, grab a Tolkien book and a cup of tea, and perch my ass on the hearth and read until the CD was over. After that I would go back to my Impetuous Ritual CD, head downstairs to the cellar and finish dismembering a leprechaun I found hiding in my shed. Yeah...that sounds about right.

Any fucking way, don't know what neo-folk is? Hint: It's not Keanu Reeves "larping" in the woods. Here, ill show you:

Yeah, pretty damn rad right? 


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