Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mithotyn - Gathered Around The Oaken Table (1999)

Interestingly enough I have found out that Sweden is third for views on this blog. Why is this significant? This is relevant because Mithotyn are Swedish, and they kick all kinds of ass. (Hey viewers of Sweden, Jag älskar dig)

Mithotyn paved the way for Viking Metal in the 90's and Gathered Around The Oaken Table was the bands last and best release. The album hosts all the beauty's you would expect from Viking Metal; blasting drums, shrieking vocals, mighty choirs, and passages that journey through drunken celebratory post-pillaging gatherings. (accurate album cover)

Ahh, gathered around an oaken table with fellow brothers in arms, drinking mead out of a horn exchanging tales of past journeys, while enjoying the comforts of a fireplace, meat, and a lovely bar maiden. (If she doesn't keep the mead flowing, you can be sure her head will end up at the end of a spear.) Those burly dudes had it right this whole time. Tyck om! (enjoy)

Pillage. Decapitate. Glory.


  1. Well, hug your neck for this suggestion! At first I disliked the vocals, but listened through a few more times, just concentrating on the almost orgasmic riffage. After a while, even the vocals seemed to mesh. Outstanding album, The Well of Mimir is one of my favorite songs of all time.