Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cebren-Khal - A Mass of Despair (2010)

Cebren-Khal concocts a debut album that is quite interesting and convincing, my ears approve. These folks from France were thinking outside the box, as they nod to more than a couple different styles on this debut album. I will let the tags below tell you what to expect. Laziness? Preposterous! Okay, well maybe. But at least I provide to internet scum across the globe.

While listening to A Mass of Despair there seemed to be a lot of times where the song would really grab my attention and get the voice in my head saying "fuck yeah!". The aforementioned is a good thing. I have actually only listened to this album fully through twice, but oh yeah, I acquired it 2 hours ago. The last song on the CD actually has about 5 plays already, only because I had to keep listening to the last 3 minutes of it. Get it.

Click me. (sorry for calling you scum earlier.)

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