Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beer Bear - Honey (2010)

Beer Bear. Fucking really? I'd like to think the naming of the band went something like this:

- "Alright, so we all like beer, let's just call the band Beer."
- "No, no. That just won't do, we need another element."
- "Okay, well what about Beer Bear? It sounds cool AND it is only one letter away from being Beer Beer!"
- " sounds like a Korpiklaani song, but let's do it!"

Regardless of how their name was decided, they play some decent Folk Metal. A variety of instruments make their way onto Honey, and it really drives most of the melody. At times the music sounds as deliciously cheesy as the band name/album cover. Lighten up, It's all in good fun.

Beer Worship

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