Monday, January 3, 2011

Cormorant - Metazoa (2009)

Look how beautiful that album cover is, I want to eat it. Consumption through the ears will have to suffice. And suffice it does, I bought this album for 6$ at my favorite used CD store in Toronto (Sonic Boom).

When I saw this CD there I definitely yelled something along the lines of "Fucking Right!" and offended some lady behind me combing through the Pop Rock section. Fuck it, if she knew anything she wouldn't be looking through Pop Rock.

Anyways, I have a point. And that point is, Metazoa is the tits! It is a little bit difficult to lump Cormorant into a genre, because they blend so many different styles and constantly change their formula. On Metal Archives they are listed as Progressive Folk/Black Metal, but one listen and you will hear many other influences, and you will love it. If not, your ears aren't working properly.

Part 1
Part 2

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