Thursday, January 27, 2011

Contaigeon - Death At The Gates Of Delirium (2010)

Dudes from UK obsessing over other-worldly entity's sucking the life out of your skull, muster up an album oozing with grimy guitar tones, scummy snarling growls, and drums that don't have the over-produced plastic shit sound. Not only that, but it appears there is a demonically entranced, soul hungry, tusk-less walrus on the cover, and I think it's brilliant. 

All in all, here we have some forward-thinking, demonically possessed tusk-less walrus Death Metal. Enjoy it. Or not.

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  1. I don't quite remember how I came across this album, but I figure if it is British, chances are it is good. I wasn't wrong. Has that grainy, old-school feel. Easily my favorite DM album of 2010.