Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Top 10

(click the album name for download link.)

10. Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery

This album is pissed. Misery Index shit all over your mother with the release of Heirs to Thievery. To elaborate anymore would only insult the integrity of this release. Get it, or forever be a whore.

9. Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit

It's damn good.

8. Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance

Defeated Sanity thinks you are a pussy. The winning lottery ticket is called Chapters of Repugnance and it basically man-handled its way onto every top 2010 list.
R.I.P. Wolfgang Teske (September 12, 2010, cancer)

7. Wuthering Heights - Salt

Try to find a worthy review that has anything negative to say about this album. Don't bother, it doesn't exist, and for good fucking reason. This album slays and swabs the deck all in one graceful swipe.

6. The Lord Weird Slough Feg - The Animal Spirits

Catchier than syphilis, The Lord Weird Slough Feg have created an album so groovy it should be wearing bell-bottoms. It may be a bit short, but that is why we have the repeat button. Use it.

5. Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time

Being a huge Blind Guardian fan, I trembled as I pushed the play button for the very first time. Why you ask? Well, you know when a band you really like releases a new album, and you can't help but worry that they managed to fuck everything up this time? That's why, but 5 minutes in, I let out a huge sigh of relief and quite possibly a loud "Fuck Yeah!" because it was, to my ears.

4. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Enslaved, more persistent than a group of Jehovah witness' deliver yet another phenomenal album. They may sound a little less grim at times, but every now and then you got to throw in some clean vocals and melodies for good measure, and apparently Enslaved measured twice, recorded once.

3. Butterfly Temple - Earth

Put it this way, if you don't have it, get it.

2. Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR

Not only did Orphaned Land get 2nd on my top 10, but they also put on one of the best live show's of 2010. Exuberant and full of energy, Orphaned Land managed to turn a Metal show into a goddamn party! Middle Eastern Folk Metal done to perfection.

1. Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons

Fucking Darkthrone, dude. There was never really any doubt that this album would be in my top 3. Fenriz, that crazy fjord-hole managed to pull off another masterpiece. Destroy your modern Metal, and bang your fucking head!


  1. Nice list here! Never heard of half these bands, but just the way you wrote about them made me click every DL link. Cheers

  2. Just discovered your blog, and I must say it's fucking excellent.

  3. Aye thank you good sirs. I will be sure to bombard this blog some more tonight. Feel free to leave suggestions. Fucking do it!