Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zozobra - Savage Masters (2013)

What is 15 minutes long, sludgy, frantically paced and devoid of staleness? If you said your sex life, congratulations, you're a fucking idiot liar. Get your head out of your ass and into some Zozobra, because they have released Savage Monsters! Full of slimy sewer sludge and post-hardcore beat down, this short and furious album is mixed in a rather upfront "what you hear is what you get" type way, not a lot of trickery going on. Sure it's tiny in length (like your penis), but it packs a fucking punch (unlike your penis).

Savage Masters (Zippyshare)
Zozobra Bandcamp


  1. Thank you! These guys are fantastic! I just bought the album, and I hope to see more from them in the future.

    1. Fucking right Pathard, thanks for supporting these dudes! Definitely drop by again.