Monday, March 25, 2013

Hordes - II (2013)

II, is an EP offering from the dudes in Hordes… It is my first gateway into their sound and holy fuck does it make a good first impression. I suppose when I say "their sound" you'll want to know what I mean? It sounds like feral beasts eating each other alive, a visceral depiction of a desperate struggle to survive can be sought out in its crepuscular blend of sludge and black metal. It is primal to the bone and downright harrowing in its attack plan; tormented vocals perforate through the muck and mire amongst the raw tone of whirring guitars and bass. The drums like hammers, pounding and walloping in succession, sounding masterfully mixed in within the accompanying chasm of noise.

This EP is the miasma to your whimsy, ridden with bad vibes bearing qualities to rain down shit on your parade. Good music affects you, and this album rubs me the wrong way in all the best fucking ways possible – Think of bands like; The Body, Lunar Aurora, Guidelines, GGUW, Yellow Eyes, Leucosis, to name a few. You'd be wrong if you try to compare and reference the aforementioned bands direct sound to Hordes, but it makes sense when attributing evocative qualities shared.

This is not music you want to listen to when colouring in your Fraggle Rock colouring book, there would be no hues, just black… maybe a grey every now and then. I could provide you with a (lacking in quality) Zippyshare download, but why would I do that when the band offers it on their bandcamp for a name your price option? I received a free download, listened to it, then proceeded to the bandcamp page to toss them a few bucks. I can only hope you support them whatever way you see fit. I'm going to go wallow in a sea of shit and despair now.

II Download (Bandcamp)