Monday, March 11, 2013

Full of Hell - Live; Full Set @ The Talent Farm

I know I have used snarling ravenous wolves as a metaphor before, and I'm not about to again as I have cleverly thought of a different one… I got to see Full of Hell a couple months ago when they played here in Toronto with Gaza and Code Orange Kids, and what a fucking show that was; All three of those bands killed it, loud and incredibly angry (in sound, nice dudes, all of em).

Full of Hell
was first at bat, once the singer was done battling it out with the sound guy (who apparently was struggling hard with upping the reverb to over 11), the set started in a fit of ferocity, the singer jerked and flailed maniacally while he snarled into the microphone, it probably sounded like a threesome between honey badgers, or a family meal shared by wolverines. Either way, it sounded like shit was being ripped apart wildly. It really was memorable, I have an audio clip I took from the show that I may decide to up on here later because it's a good listen. (This video isn't capable of doing their set justice!)

Full of Hell had a t-shirt of Chris Farley dead with the words Full of Hell adorning the sad image… I should of bought it, but I sided with the roadkill shirt.

Oh and Code Orange Kids and Gaza nailed it as well, but this post isn't about them.

Full of Hell will forthcoming album is titled 'Rudiments of Mutilation' and is set to release May 31. Wait on it. It may even replace all the overplaying you have been doing with Nails' 'Abandon All Life'.

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