Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weapon - Embers and Revelations (2012)

Canadian death metal rules… So does death metal from New Zealand though. Well, death metal from all over rules - But what I think I really mean is Canadian death metal has a deluge of bands that are pushing the often vapid genre into some unique directions. 

Among them, Weapon, who last year unveiled their 3rd full-length 'Embers and Revelations'! Which sees itself separate from its more bestial and abyssal Canadian brothers with a production that isn't smothered in murk and filth. Well no fuck right, it's not like Weapon is treading the same soils that bands like Revenge or Antediluvian are.

Shawn Hache of Mitochondrion (more Canadian name dropping) actually turned me onto Weapon through an email, which is righteous enough, but what this really means is… You should listen to Weapon.

Weapon - Embers and Revelations (mediafire)


  1. I'll have to grab that, Drakonian Paradigm was awesome.

  2. I was enamoured by From The Devil's Tomb. I anxiously awaited this one. I don't know which track it was they or the label previewed first but I remember being somewhat aloof due to the slick production and "tightness." Ever since then I've not given this a spin. Maybe I should change that?