Saturday, December 10, 2011

Questions & Answers with THE GREAT OLD ONES

If you are part of the vast majority of unfortunate people who have not yet heard of these guys, direct yourself here first: THE GREAT OLD ONES

1) Using one word only, how would you describe The Great Old Ones sound?

Sebastien: Unspeakable
Benjamin: Cthulhu!
Jeff: Abyssal
Xavier: Faraway

2) Who can grow the biggest beard in the band?

Jeff: Me. 12cm!
Xavier: But he has the smallest cock of the band.
Jeff: How do you know that?

3) You guys are not listed in the Metal Archives, let's fix that. Shall we? I will even write the first review.

We've just submitted the band on Metal Archives, but it can't be approved because we have no physical release yet.

4) Which five albums out in 2011 will be on The Great Old Ones top 2011 list?

Jeff: Ulcerate - Destroyers of All
Ben: Wolves in the throne room - Celestial Lineage
Sebastien: Altar of Plagues - Mammal
Xavier: Deafhevean - Roads to Judah
Léo: Rihana  - Talk That Talk!

5) Be honest, have you ever found anything you enjoyed listening to on this blog? If so, what:

Xavier: We already know some bands you talk about on your blog, but I really enjoyed listening to Italy's The Secret! Great discover, just saw that they signed on Southern Lord.

6) Does anyone in the band have any cool H.P. Lovecraft inspired tattoos?

Ben: Nope. Jeff is the only band member who has tatoos, but we really can't show you a picture without hurting your psychological health...

7) Black Sabbath or Dio?

Black Sabbath! No discussion.

8) Which three bands influence the sound of The Great Old Ones the most?

Wolves in the throne room, Year of no Light, Neurosis

9) Are there any upcoming international tours planned for The Great Old Ones anytime soon?

We really want to tour in Europe in 2012, but we have nothing planned yet. We're actively searching.

10) What are the winters like in Bordeaux, France?

Sebastien: Snowy and foggy. with wolves everywhere!
Ben: Rainy. But that leaves us time to compose new material and rehearse for live shows.

11) When is the debut album set for release, and where can we who still purchase CD's buy it?

April for CD's and digital, June/July for the LP. It will be released by Antithetic Records (US) and LADLO Productions (FR)

12) You guys have been in the studio recently, you must have an interesting story to share?

Ben: Well,  Jeff recorded his guitar first because he went on tour just after his session with his other band, Tormenta. When Xavier and I recorded our guitars, we realized that Jeff recorded a part of a song with the wrong tonality! But finally, this error brings a lot to the whole ambiance of the track. (So we are keeping it.)

13) I can't stop imagining how incredible it would be if the French rugby player Sébastien Chabal did guest vocals on the debut album. Do you think his growls would be superior to Jeff's or Benjamin's?

Jeff: Chabal is a pussy...
Sebastien: A pussy with a beard...
Xavier: A beard bigger than Jeff's one...
Ben: I think he must do guest vocals on a Cannibal Corpse album

14) Will The Great Old Ones give Severed Heads Open Minds an early preview of whats to come on your debut?

It will be dark, heavy, hovering and oneiric, that's all we can say.

15) Fuck, that's vague, how about some early artwork previews?

We're working on artworks at the same time we answer theses questions! Jeff made great paintings for that and he need to finish some work. When we will have a release date for the album, we will show you some arts. (You can see his work here: Jeff Grimal Art)

Thanks to The Great Old Ones for gladly taking part


  1. Im really waiting this LP. Question 13 made me spit out coke on to my keyboard. thanks

  2. Great interview, even greater band. Not to insult your interviewing skills, Chris. ;)

  3. I just didn't want to be forever fucked!

  4. If we pre-order the CD can we get it signed? :)