Thursday, December 22, 2011


Oh right fuck, I have a blog I should post on. We have been over this whole charade before many a time. I host no feeling of obligation in explaining why I have been absent simply because fuck you. Ok no, come back, I love you.

I believe music blogs are best when they are updated on the daily with interesting and exciting shit for loyal readers to steal from. I want to be this, but being this isn't entirely feasible all the time. Try as I may, try as I might.

Upcoming will be my top albums of 2011, and some interviews with some dudes.
Stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to your top albums. Hell, I should get started on a list too!

  2. Here's my top for the year:
    1. Gigan - Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes
    2. Antediluvian - Through the Cervix of Hawwah
    3. Mitochondrion - Parasignosis
    4. Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All
    5. Disma - Towards the Megalith
    6. Primordial - Redemption At the Puritan's Hand
    7. Gridlink - Orphan
    8. Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance
    9. Vektor - Outer Isolation
    10. Cormorant - Dwellings

    Top 3 EPs

    1. Giant Squid - Cenotes
    2. Sarpanitum - Fidelium
    3. Immolation - Providence

    Honorable Mentions:
    SubRosa - No Help for the Mighty Ones
    40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room
    Isole – Born from Shadows
    Landmine Marathon - Gallows

  3. Not too shabby. I feel like Antediluvian, Ulcerate and Mitochondrion are pretty much defaults.