Thursday, December 8, 2011

Al-Namrood - Estorat Taghoot (2010)

Al-Namrood, meaning "The non-believer", is a black metal act from Saudi Arabia that stomps on your fucking skull. The patented cold & frostbitten harshness found in Scandinavian black metal is ever so not present.  Instead, an atmosphere as searing hot and unforgiving as the lands in which these lads are from. Desert black metal.

I'm going to go ahead and include the outro.

Grab if you like: Melechesh, Blood of Kingu, Behemoth


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  1. I gave this a listen yesterday. I was getting a bit bored with black metal in general, but this album hit me like a faceful of boiling hot water (or camel piss, I imagine they wouldn't waste water on my no-good ass). Kudos for the suggestion!