Friday, May 20, 2011


Alright, so the blog is hitting some pretty huge numbers in the 'views per day' category. This is the good news, the bad news is I am a dicksmith and haven't been posting as much content as I would like. (not nearly in fact)

The gooder news is that this will indeed change, and I will be back to shoving more brutal shit down your ear canals very soon. I do however have a valid excuse as I have been doing design work for the legendary drunken punk band The Dreadnoughts!

Continue to be my friend on this blog, I make no profit off the site so if you guys aren't enjoying what's being posted and finding out about new bands to enjoy and support, then it's all for nothing.

* I'll remind again, support music any way you can, go to live shows, buy merch and CD's. This content posted is not intended as a substitute for your support, but rather for you to preview how awesome everything is so you can buy it when you gather the dough. Right? Right.

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