Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falconer - Among Beggars and Thieves (2008)

Fucking Falconer man. I have a thousand reasons as to why this is a power metal masterpiece. I will only list off a couple hundred of those reasons however. (for time and space purposes)

1) Stefan Weinerhall and Karsten Larsson of legendary Mithotyn are the masterminds behind it all.

2) Heavy on folk influences

3) Singer, Mattias Blad joined Falconer after never singing in a metal band before. In fact, he was enjoying a successful career as a stage singer.

4) Production is spot on. The drums sound beefy, guitars shred like a dinosaur, and the singing is not drowned out, nor dominant.

5) Best amalgamation of folk and power metal.

6) Lyrics are eloquently crafted and delivered.

7) Pale Light of Silver Moon is among my most played songs, along with Circle The Wagons by Darkthrone.

8) Download

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  1. I saw Mithotyn mentioned, and jumped on it. Just listened to most of the album, and it is fantastic. That is saying something, cause I really don't care much for power/cheese metal (Communic is about the only band I listen to in that genre reguarly). Count me among Falconer fans, I'm gonna grab some more of their stuff.