Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunar Aurora - Andacht (2007)

Black Metal that pushes the genre further than burning churches, wearing corpse paint, blast beats, and tremolo picking. Though, I'm sure all those things play a part in this album, and why not? Lunar Aurora have been around for well over a decade, and the song writing on their latest releases convey the progression quite clearly.

On Andacht dense atmosphere is caked on creating very eerie soundscapes, adding even more so to the ambient depressive driven sound. The vocal cacophony ranges from low growls, high pitched shrieks, to unearthly clean vocals, all used to perfection to drive the lengthy transitional songs. Expect to hear droning guitar tones and drumming that will often catch you off guard and punch you in your external auditory meatus.

The right production is quintessential for a band like Lunar Aurora otherwise the driven atmosphere would be washed away in dissonance. The production on Andacht is spot on, and steered clear of the "polished" sound.

Suitable post for Valentines day if I do say so myself. By yourself a chocolate covered sacrificial dagger and revel in the myriad of darkness today.

Happy Andacht Day

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