Monday, February 28, 2011

Heidevolk - Walhalla Wacht (2008)

Strap on your bracers and fill up your steins because here we have some authentic Viking/Folk Metal from the Netherlands. You don't need to be wielding a Claymore to appreciate this shit though, this is just some good ol' Folk Metal that really doesn't sound quite like anything else I have heard...and this is a good thing.  A refreshing release in a genre that is at times guilty of being stagnant.

This album may be a "grower" for some however, but it is damn catchy and worthy of a spin here and there in your ever-growing music collection. The bread and butter of this album is that every song manages to stand out on its own and hoist its own identity in quite a original refreshing way. Enjoy this one.

Walhalla Wacht


  1. ahh, thanks for this one!

    oh, and for those who like this, you should take a look at an earlier post ;)