Monday, February 7, 2011

Hour of 13 - Hour of 13 (2007)

Hour of 13, brilliant. Dripping with sabbath worship aiming to create doom with a toss in of upbeat heavy metal riffs. Throw in respected elements of Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest for good measure. Everything was actually recorded in a old stone church that had been restored in the 1930's into a studio, cathedral ceilings and all. Blaspheming decadence.

Lyrics from 'Call to Satan";

Light the candles in thirteen
At each side than in between
In the circle here I stand
Naked in wait in the pentagram
With sacred blade self mutilate
To my own wounds I masturbate
In a sweat and semen soaked
Surrounded haze of incense smoke
An offering whose bowels be let
It's carcass placed on chantry set
In spoken tongues the songs I sing
Along with these solemn bells to ring
...king of the dark in everything

The atmosphere, vocal melodies and overall song writing set them aside from said worships giving them an entirely unique sound. If you are a fan of your metal so old-school it teeters the balance of a primordial oozed Toxic Crusader, then give this a listen.

Hour of 13

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