Monday, February 7, 2011

Dalriada - Igeret (2011)

And the least "Metal looking" album cover of the year award goes to...well it's a little too early for that. Any fucking way Dalriada of Hungary are back and have released their fourth full length album chalked with traditional Hungarian Folk Metal.

So, the female vocalist has decided she is going to let out some growls on this fucker and I must say it worked out quite well, giving some songs more balls to it. Also, is there a harmonica solo on song #3 or am I just out of my fucking skull? Not only that but the riff on song #3 is also crack to my ears. Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani also does guest vocals on the song "Leszek a Hold"! Everything is really good, I will leave it at that.

Either way, you like it or you don't. If you do, buy the fucking thing, these chaps deserve the money. (As do all the artists who ear fuck you on the daily basis for your listening pleasure. Don't be a frugal cunt.)

Naygon szép


  1. köszönöm szépen :)

  2. A bottle of wine later and I'm wishing I were dancing in above field (dead of winter...ugh)