Monday, February 25, 2013

Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (2009)

Straight from the goddamn curtain call Harm's Way barrage you with their intro track making you want to mosh around like a neanderthal brandishing  50 pound dumbbells. The frisson you sense is that of barbarity, a lowbrow accompanied with a don't give a fuck nature makes Reality Approaches the soundtrack to punch mammals and bang your head stupidly.

The beast as a whole is handled like seasoned juggernauts of rancorous hardcore infused with thrash. I own this on vinyl and when I'm not too busy overplaying the shit out of Led Zeppelin Untitled IV I'll throw on some Reality Approaches to bang the head to. The only relent given is the pause between flipping sides… Dishes have been victimized in the ensuing chaos, and fuck it because fuck it.

Reality Approaches (Mediafire)


  1. When I check this band out, I'm somehow pre-occupied with something else. I always come away thinking that they are pretty good. I saw them live in TO and it was pretty damn good. Did they release a lot of stuff after this one?

    1. This record is probably my favorite… Isolation is their latest and I've posted 'No Gods, No Masters' on here which came after this. Try 'em out!

  2. Was it the demo that had the song about kicking the shit out of frat boys?