Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creative Adult - Dead Air 7" (2012)

Infectious hardcore that dredges up the good ol' days when you would go out and skate a week straight without showering, eating nothing but beef jerky, Munchos chips, pizza and big gulps. Alas, now we're adults (the bulk of us) and the no showering and skating is limited to maybe only 3 or 4 days… You never did this? Your life is probably boring you dummy idiot.

Some of us are even Creative Adults, others may be suits (sorry), and some of you may be the type that sit at home eating Cheerios out of a salad bowl whilst higher than giraffe pussy. Hey man, I won't judge, just grab this greasy album and listen to it. Gravelly vocals from Scott Phillips of Life Long Tragedy, a whole lot of guitar twang aligned with drumming devoid of staleness. It's catchier than syphilis, more potent than walrus snatch and surely more important than whatever the fuck it is you are doing right now. Let thy hand bang and say hell the fuck oh to the Bay area!

PS // sorry for the hate


go fuck yourself.

Creative Adult // Dead Air (Zippyshare)


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