Sunday, December 23, 2012

Okkultokrati - Snakereigns (2012)

Norway's Okkultokrati rather shy away from all the black metal credit they are usually presented with, and they themselves are a bit beguiled with the automatic labeling they are commonly slapped with. Though whether or not they embrace it or reject it like a common whore, there is a familiarity in their sound. 

Modern Darkthrone influence would seem like the appropriate culprit, but to give these guys the credit they deserve, they do come up with a sound to call their own. Ugly crusty basement punk with a black n' roll, metal-punk aesthetic. Call me a fuckhead, but I can hear similarities to crusty scummy bands like Ed Gein's Car, GG Allin, Black Flag, Poison Idea and what about Funerot?

Released later this year, missed by most, though Brian of Trap Them included them in his top 2012 releases. Make thy own judgement.


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