Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Islands - ISLANDS (2012)

Get this. Have it. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Appreciate it… Appreciate it for this won't get the recognition it deserves (among with many other solid releases buried under the 'known'), not this year at least. Islands S/T is the result of incorporating a cornucopia of influences; post-metal, sludge, shoegaze, ambient, doom, hardcore, among whatever else they fucking drew influence. In the end we are left with a powerfully cohesive album that makes you want to stare out your window and watch the world end. I have the right mind to include this in my year end list, maybe I'll take out Converge, because fuck you and how good they are.

I'm 98% sure that write-up alone has you convinced, but if not. Listen to it, if you dislike its beauty, come back here and… I'm just kidding, don't ever come back here.

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