Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Demos / EPs / Splits: Best of 2012 (pt. 1)


This year, I decided I was going to do a separate post for the best Demos/Eps/Splits out this year. I am splitting these up into parts, so there is no reason to become overwhelmed and not give these a chance.

Vattnet Viskar - S/T

This is it, this is the one. If I had to pick one EP, demo or split that did it the most for me it would have to be Vattnet Viskar. The high warlord among them all, I pondered sneaking this into my 2012 year end list… Though the crop this year is rich and bountiful, so it's place is here, among all the other great demos, EPs and splits this year. (Download) + (Support)

Tempest - Solace

I have none other than Haxan over at Forever Cursed to thank for this shrewd beast. Two songs spanning 10 minutes of dark and crusty hardcore weaving in an out of other influences at an incredibly furious pace. It's emotionally charges and handled with an undeniable sense of genuine ferocity and passion. I wouldn't overlook this one douchebag. (Free Download)

Yellow Eyes / Monument (Split)

Yellow Eyes coast through warm and fuzzy black metal with a sound that is bleak yet homely. A fell distant searching shriek accompanies dizzying and ominous soundscapes that will lure you in. // Monument is an appropriate counterpart for this split as they to go about their own blend of whirring black metal caked in a warm fuzzy haze, arguably with a bit more of that 'nekro sound' than Yellow Eyes. This is one of my favorite splits this year, don't even scroll down until you get it. (Bandcamp/name your price)

Muknal - S/T

A cavernous offering on the sacrificial altar of 2012, archaic occult death metal that bears that hollow recorded in a chasm sound, echoing its decaying insanity, sounding like being chased through a dank corridor by a hulking beast. (Mediafire)

 Adversarial / Antediluvian - Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries (Split)

Two Canadian death/black juggernauts get together to meld a concept into a single syncretic expression, something almost entirely lost on split albums. The concept is a complex one, synthesizing and contrasting the symbol of Leviathan with that of Lucifer. Hard to wrap the skull around it without further rote, but musically expect to hear swirling and crumbling archaic death metal, some of the heaviest and burliest of the year. (Zippyshare) + (Purchase 25% off)

Vales - Clarity

Vales, formerly "Veils" (went through a name change shortly after this EP) play a melodically charged blend of hardcore with a strong nod to early screamo that basks in a poignant infectious zeal! I'll say it now, this has to be one of my most played out EP's of the year, I still can't get enough of it's genuine emotion and power. This is what music sounds like when you leave everything else behind, emotionally charged and brimming with genuine energy. (Zippyshare) + (Support)

Unsacred - Where The Light Dims

Found this over on Equivoke some time ago, and I seem to have gone back to it time and time again throughout the year. Chaotically wrapped up crusty blackened hardcore. It is caustic, speedy and wears proudly the temperament of a fenced in wild boar, fucking pissed. It doesn't offer much fresh air per se, but it will kick your head in senseless for the better part of 15 minutes. (Mediafire) + (Support)

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A big thanks to those that contributed suggestions (Valis and Orcus especially), I will gladly take more recommendations for the upcoming Part II. If this blog were a machine, it would be a mechanism run by my free-time and the activity of its viewers. I pay attention to those that take part in this metal/hardcore circle-jerk, if you are a presence around SHOM, chime in every now and then.

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  1. Nice....yeah i came real close to including that Tempest...havent heard three of these either...from your descriptions I'm lookin forward to checking them out.....

    1. Right on, I'm glad I finally got onto the Muknal EP! Let me know how you like the three. I imagine it's Vales, Yellow Eye/Monument, and Unsacred?

  2. If I manage to collect my thoughts and be mindful for a second, I will comb this list and find something to enjoy.

  3. Wow. Here goes my afternoon. Thanks for putting all of this together.

    1. Right on brother, more to come. Let me know which ones you dig.