Friday, November 23, 2012

Your Highness - Blue Devils EP (2012)

Here is the latest sound from Your Highness, still washed in a reefer haze and soaked in whiskey. It sounds like a beard, this is the newest EP.

I've been busy, like real life busy, hard-pressed to find my usual music scouring hours. I invite any of you readers to toss 'good' suggestions' my way to post. Either fucking way, more to come.

- Chris


  1. Just download that earlier this morning. Good stuff. I'll throw some suggestions your way if I come across anything worthy, not been finding a lot of exciting stuff lately (actually, not trying very hard or listening to much).

    1. Thanks dude, yeah I'm not stumbling onto anything incredibly interesting as of late, though I guess that's fine as there is still a lot of catching up to do on my own end, barely sunk my teeth into the new Enslaved, Dalriada, Pig Destroyer, Xibalba, etc. If you find anything, send'r on over!

  2. Will do. Stumbled across something last night you might like, sending your way now.