Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Basarabian Hills - A Breath of The Wide Valley (2012)

Basarabian Hills, garnering one of the most inane and incomprehensible logos in metal, one that leaves you forcefully assuming the band surely is being facetious, has released their latest LP - three songs spanning for thirty-six minutes of lulling, and dream-ridden ambient atmospheric black metal.

Ahh fuck semantics, this has as much to do with black metal as hockey sticks do with basketball. Heavily ambient and seemingly focused on improving sleep patterns on listeners, yes yes, it has underlying elements of atmospheric black metal, but to lump this in with black metal would be akin to lumping Led Zeppelin to doom metal. Songs sound like they were manufactured, with a formula, it has ethereal soundscapes and dreamy textures, representing the same nodes as delta waves, hence the attributes that can help you out-sleep a sloth. Let me deem this, black metals answer to sleep apnea.

Wipe off that corpse paint, throw on your one-piece pajamas, and hit your fucking pillows with A Breath of The Wide Valley.